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Forties Diet is dedicated to providing practical fitness, exercise, and diet information for the average man or woman over 40. Forties Diet recognizes that as we progress into our forties and beyond, our bodies and fitness requirements change. We therefore need to change our approach to weight management, fitness, and exercise. We value a balanced approach to healthy fitness and draw upon practical knowledge and personal experience. men solution plus opinie

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Total Fitness over 40

When I think of my personal fitness goals, I want the result of my fitness and exercise efforts to be a comprehensive and healthy. I don't just want muscle tone without aerobic fitness. I don’t just want muscle strength without healthy body fat levels. Total fitness over 40 should be comprehensive and should be a balance of the following: http://makelash.pl/

  1. Cardiovascular fitness
  2. Muscular strength, muscle tone, and muscular endurance
  3. Healthy Body composition / Healthy body fat percentage
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Simple Home Gym on a Budget

A simple home gym does not have to be complicated or expensive in order to provide an effective home workout. You can begin a practical fitness and exercise regimen with a minimum of equipment and gradually add to your home gym as your fitness needs change and your budget allows. Read more about Simple Home Gym on a Budget.

Balance Healthy Diet and Exercise

Most of us will agree that a healthy balance in life is important. Balance promotes happiness, health, and well being. This is true for life in general. But it is also true for our daily diet and exercise. A healthy diet is, among other things, one which provides a healthy balance of nutrients, vitamins, protein, carbohydrates, fat, amino acids, etc. Moderation in all things. This is just good common sense.

There are plenty of diets out there. Some good. Plenty bad. In my opinion, the ones that take you to extremes are not worth it in the long run. They may make a difference in the short term, but the also involve risks, and the benefits may be only short lived at best. I would encourage anyone who needs to drop some unwanted pounds to take the long view toward gaining fitness over 40. Change your habits in such a way that you can keep the weight off once you lose it. Make sure to combine a healthy diet regimen with a sensible daily exercise and fitness routine. Healthy diet, exercise, and overall fitness become increasingly important when you are over 40 years old. Read Full Diet and Exercise Article

Pull Up Bar Home Exercise Routine

Pull Ups are widely recognized as a practical fitness benchmark for overall physical fitness. Pull Ups provide an effective and efficient upper body workout that will strengthen and tone your muscles, provide flexibility, and boost self confidence as you improve your performance. Pull Ups exercise a variety of muscles in the back, shoulders, and arms, providing a compound upper body workout. Their primary focus is on the Lats (Latissimus Dorsi), building that enviable wide "V-shaped" upper back. Read the Full Pull Up Article

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